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Fees & Policies

Tuition & Fees


•  Tution payments are due the first week of each month.
•  Tuition is calculated by cost of semester divided into 9 equal payments, not by the number of weekly lessons per month.
•  There are no refunds, credits or transfers.


Payment Options
1.)  Cash in office
2.)  Checks mailed or placed in Studio Payment Drop Box
3.)  Online - Set up your account for Credit Card or Auto-Pay from your Bank through CompuDance

Studio office hours are Monday-Thursday 1:00-6:00 pm. Any Account questions/concerns or in-studio payments must be done during these hours. Cash payments will only be accepted during these times, and should never be placed in the outside mailbox or drop box.

Withdrawing From Class
Any student wishing to withdraw from classes must give a 30-day notice - in writing - to be taken off the role and the accounting system. You are responsible for payment until we receive such notification. A verbal withdrawal is NOT valid. Withdrawals are NOT accepted after January 1st with the exception of disability or relocation. Once recital preparations are underway - we can no longer fill someone's place in their class. All remaining monthly tuition and costume balances will still acrue for any student that does not adhere to the drop policy.

Late Payments and Insufficient Funds
There will be a $15 late fee automatically posted on any balances not paid by the 10th of the month and a $35 charge for any returned check, ACH, or Debit/Credit. Students with accounts past due over 60 days will not be allowed to participate in class until their account is made current.



30 minutes$45  4 hours $120
45 minutes$50 4 hours 15 minutes$125
1 hour$60 4 1/2 hours$130
1 hour 15 minutes$65 4 hour 45 minutes$135
1 1/2 hours$70 5 hours$140
1 hour 45 minutes$75 5 hours 15 minutes$145
2 hours$80 5 1/2 hours $150
2 hours 15 minutes$85 5 hours 45 minutes$155
2 1/2 hours$90 6 hours$160
2 hours 45 minutes$95 6 hours 15 minutes$165
3 hours$100 6 1/2 hours $170
3 hours 15 minutes$105 6 hours 45 minutes$175
3 1/2 hours$110 7+ unlimited$195
3 hours 45 minutes$115    

Note: Pricing includes up to 2 cancellations by the studio for inclement weather or other unavoidable conflicts or emergencies. Make-up classes will be made available for any cancellations after that.



Family Discount

$10 from total tuition for 2; $15 from total tuition for 3 or more

Pre-Paid Discount
There will be a 5% discount for Entire Semester paid in full (September-May). These payments are refundable only for disability or relocation. (note: Family and semester discounts cannot be combined.)



Registration Fee
In order to secure a place in class, a non-refundable $35 registration fee is due along with the first month's tuition (per student). After September 1st, the registration fee increases to $40.

Costume Fee
Our Spring Recital is held each year in May at the Monroe Civic Center Theater. A costume deposit is due in October that goes towards the recital costume, tights, and accessories. Balances are due in March.

The costume fee is as follows:
• Ballet and Tap students (1 costume) - $80
• Ballet, Tap and Jazz students (2 costumes) - $160
• Students in multiple classes, add $60 per class.
Please note that costume deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE after November 1st!

Recital Fee
There is a recital fee that is due in December, which covers the expenses of the Civic Center Rental, Sets, Union Workers, Security, Certificates, etc. This fee is non-refundable.
• One child - $95
• Two in a family - $130
• Three or more in a family - $150



Studio Policies


  • Please have all proper clothes and shoes before your first class.
  • The correct attire for class is a black leotard and pink footed tights.
  • Hair should be secured away from the face.
  • Pink ballet shoes are required for all Ballet classes. We prefer a ballet shoe with criss-cross elastic straps and no ties.
  • A teacher must approve pointe shoes for advanced students.
  • Tap shoes for ages 2 ½-5 are white.
  • For the intermediate students (ages 6-8) Capezio or Bloch caramel buckle taps are used.
  • For the advanced students (ages 9 & up) Black lace-up oxford tap shoe (Capezio, Bloch, or Leos brands preferred) are used.
  • Capezio caramel jazz shoes shoes are required for Jazz.
  • No shoes are required for Lyrical.
  • Clean tennis shoes are needed for Hip Hop.
  • Dance shoes should never be worn outside. You should change from street shoes after entering the waiting area (This includes the shoes you choose for Hip Hop as well.) in order to help protect our dance floor.
  • Street shoes should NEVER be worn on the dance floor.
  • Fitted dance shirts and dance pants, shorts, or capris may be worn for jazz only classes.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO BAGGY STREET CLOTHES ARE ALLOWED. Correct body placement cannot be taught if a teacher cannot see the body lines.


  • There will be absolutely NO FOOD, DRINKS, OR GUM anywhere in the building other than the designated area in the waiting room for water, juice and healthy snacks!
  • Students should do their best to be on time for class and try not to leave early unless it is an emergency or important event.
  • Parents should NEVER open doors once class is in progess.  Please see a staff member for assitance!  Interruption of class is very distracting for students and teachers.
  • Parents, please do not leave children more than 10 minutes before or after class. We cannot be responsible for unattended children.
  • Discipline will be maintained in the classroom. Disruptive children may be asked to leave the dance room and/or have their parents called. Respect your teacher and each other at all times.
  • In order to maintain smooth transitions between classes, parents must not attempt to speak with teachers at this time. If any problems or concerns need to be discussed, please call the studio and set up a time with your teacher. We do not want to take up the valuable class time.


In order to take full advantage of the instruction offered, regular class attendance is necessary. Please notify the office if your child will be missing a class. There are NO REFUNDS for missed classes. Students may attend an alternate class for a make-up.


Younger children should always wait inside the building for someone to pick them up. We do NOT want them running into the parking lot. Always park in designated parking spots. Never leave a car unattended or block the flow of traffic

Parents PLEASE do not stand in the main doorway. We ask that you go into the waiting room, allowing staff to safely monitor dancers entering and exiting the building.

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